How to Make Mosaic Patterns with 1x1 Headlight Bricks

1) Make sure you have a nearly unlimited amount of headlight bricks at your disposal. You can acquire the needed parts on Bricklink, but it's a significantly cheaper to use Ldraw.

2) To form the basic 4-brick square, the 'lip' of each headlight brick should always face the center of the square.

This is the basic square.

You know you've got it when you can see the swastika in the center.

3) Many patterns can be made by taking four duplicate basic squares, rotating them, and sticking them together.

4) Because there are studs in four directions, you can attach more squares on any side.

Now we have a 16-brick square. You can see we've formed a what resembles a gray jagged square with a blue border. Adding three duplicate 16-brick squares will reveal give you a 64-brick square and will make a pattern of matching gray and blue jagged sqaures.

This is the basic technique for headlight mosaic patterns. Other patterns are formed just by changing the colors of the bricks used. Have fun coming up with your own.

When I finish a pattern, I like to use 1x8 tile pieces around the edges to smooth them off.

- The End -


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